ESR is New Zealand's Crown Research Institute specialising in sciences relating to people and communities. Our environmental scientists are experts in the surveillance and reporting of drinking-water quality and research on water quality issues, related to drinking water. Ground water is crucially important as it is the source of 40% of drinking water in New Zealand. It is also a resource that supports our economy.

Water quality and the impact it has on people’s health is the primary focus of ESR’s groundwater team, which is recognised as being at the forefront of its field, both internationally and nationally. One of the areas where ESR specialises in is researching the microbes in groundwater and the contamination and denitrification processes.  

We have prepared a short infographic illustrating the groundwater system, its benefits and threats. 

Ground water is important to New Zealand’s freshwater system and aquifers are vital to small community water supplies. Groundwater can be contaminated in a number of ways. ESR’s research has helped to improve the understanding and quality of groundwater.

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