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ESR has taken delivery of a new crime fighting tool which will help investigators record, analyse and present key information hidden amongst the confusing and chaotic picture they are often confronted with at crime scenes.

The new Focus3D X130 expands on ESR’s existing suite of 3D capture technology, providing improved national coverage and allowing faster response times.

The high-speed 3D laser scanner has a touch screen interface and is able to measure at speeds of up to 976,000 points per second up to a range of 130 metres, resulting in detailed photorealistic 3D colour images made up from the millions of measurements recorded.

ESR’s 24 hour on-call team of specialist investigators will deploy its new scanner to accurately measure the position, size and orientation of evidence such as firearm trajectories or blood patterns at a crime scene to help Police progress cases. 

The technology also enables the presentation of accurate and photorealistic virtual 3D crime scenes at trial to help juries understand forensic evidence by allowing a scene to be viewed from multiple perspectives and the ability to evaluate alternative scenarios should new information become available.

Introduced in June 2012, ESR’s laser scanning expertise is called upon at around three crime scenes a month in New Zealand while evidence produced from scanning was presented at five High Court trials during 2014. 

ESR General Manager Forensic Keith Bedford says the new addition will add to an already high quality offering.

“Being able to accurately reproduce a crime scene to an evidential standard can be extremely helpful in providing the legal profession and jurors with a clearer understanding of the circumstances surrounding a crime. 

“The device’s ease of use, accuracy and portability makes it a must have in our toolkit,” Dr Bedford says.

Watch an example of a crime scene 3D fly through [WMV, 12 MB]

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