ESR expertise is behind a nationwide campaign designed to provide people with a 'rule of thumb' on how much alcohol they should be able to consume and remain under the legal limit.

Hospitality New Zealand and the Brewers Association approached ESR to help with their 'know your limit' campaign which was developed in response to a nationwide drop in bar sales following the introduction of the new limits for drink-driving. 

ESR Toxicology Team Leader Sam Coward says a lot of people are still unsure what the new limits mean for them and are keen to have some sort of guidance.

“We’d encourage anyone driving not to consume any alcohol but as a general rule three standard drinks over two hours for men and two standard drinks over two hours for women should keep them under the new 250mcg breath alcohol limit. 

“Many factors can effect an individual’s alcohol concentration, but the general rule should apply for most adults.

"This campaign is not aimed at those people going out for a large number beers on a Friday night! It is aimed at those people wanting to go out for a couple of hours, and have a drink or two with a meal," Sam says.

Visit the Hospitality NZ website to download the poster (external link)

Visit the Cheers website(external link)


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