The State Services Commission (SSC) has today released its inquiry findings on the use of external security consultants by state sector agencies.

Read the report here: link)

As with other state sector agencies ESR (Institute of Environmental Science and Research), a crown research institute, was asked to review and report into the SCC’s inquiry on its use of external security consultants.

ESR confirmed to the SSC’s inquiry that neither ESR nor any subsidiaries had engaged external security consultants in the manner contemplated by the inquiry.  In particular, ESR confirmed that it had not made any payment to nor received any services from Thompson & Clark Investigations Limited (TCIL) or its associated entities.

In the interests of transparency, ESR’s response to the original information request from Doug Martin, the SSC’s Inquiry Head, and further material provided to the SSC’s inquiry can be found here at ESR-Communications-relating-to-SSC-External-Enquiry.pdf . [PDF, 3.6 MB]

For more information email Mark Dunlop, ESR Senior Legal Advisor, at 


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