The work of ESR scientists has been a major contributor to The People’s Blueprint, a report outlining a vision for a new system to reduce New Zealand’s alarmingly high family violence rates, which has been released by Sir Owen Glenn’s independent inquiry.

The Glenn Inquiry (TGI) contracted ESR to bring together relevant experience and expertise to develop a model of how to address child abuse and neglect and family violence in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s current prevention and response framework is seen by many involved as fragmented and piecemeal so to help develop a more integrated and effective approach ESR put it under the microscope as if it was a purpose-built system to reduce the rate of child abuse and neglect and other forms of family violence.

It was then picked apart to identify what is working, what could work and what definitely needs changing. This analysis was undertaken using information from sector experts and first-hand accounts of those who have gone through family violence.

ESR’s work resulted in two contributing papers - Selecting Interventions to Reduce Family Violence and Child Abuse in New Zealand and Toward a transformed system to address child abuse and family violence in New Zealand.

Team Leader Dr Jeff Foote said the work was both challenging and rewarding.

“We don’t pretend to be family violence experts but we worked alongside the University of Canterbury’s Te Awatea Violence Research team who added their experience and reviewed the international literature and the New Zealand legislative framework.

“What we did is apply our knowledge and expertise on highly complex issues to provide the science that can make a difference.

“This resulted in evidence based, logical and workable conclusions that others can rely on to inform their future decisions.

“Facing an issue of this scale and complexity was daunting but I was really impressed by the passion and commitment of those at the coalface, and their absolute determination to make things better. “ Dr Foote said.

Read the reports here(external link).

(The Glenn Inquiry has given permission for ESR to publish these report on its website.)

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