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Nicole and Minion smaller

ESR's MinION hard at work!

02 March 2017

At ESR we have our very own MinION hard at work as our scientists look at the application of real-time DNA sequencing technology to our science.

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A smashing brew

08 February 2017

Crushed glass can out-perform sand as an effective filter media for wastewater treatment and is a sustainable alternative to sending glass to landfill.

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ESR goes to Hong Kong

22 December 2016

What started as an email inquiry a couple of years ago has landed ESR a contract to provide environmental background radioactivity monitoring in Hong Kong.

The source

Full metal coat

22 December 2016

A machine called AECL Theratron T-80 Teletherapy, containing a radioactive source (Co-60), was recently decommissioned by ESR and returned to Australia.