Learning resources about water science

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Back in 2008 ESR scientists were interviewed for an educational outreach programme called The Science Learning Hub, a national project managed by the Faculty of Education, University of Waikato.

While some tools and techniques discussed in the videos have since been improved, the information is still relevant today to how ESR helps keep people safe and healthy through our water science.

Click on the links below to watch short videos on our work:

What are viruses? (external link)

Detecting viruses in the environment (external link)

Detecting viruses in drinking water (external link)

Why it is important that we manage our water resource (external link)

Faecal source tracking – Chemical approaches to detection (external link)

Faecal source tracking – Identifying bacteria (external link)

Faecal source tracking – Finding the source (1) (external link)

Faecal source tracking – Finding the source (2) (external link)  

Pulsed field gel electrophoresis (external link)  

Microorganisms in sediment (external link)

What is a bacteriophage? (external link)