Water Science

There are many organisations that have a role in making sure people can trust the supply and quality of the water they drink, play in and use.

ESR works in partnership with key stakeholders, including government, industry, the community and Māori, to achieve our key Statement of Core Purpose Outcome to improve the safety of freshwater and groundwater resources for human use and the safer use of biowastes.

ESR aids and supports health authorities, local and central government, industry and communities by supplying scientific advice and expertise on the management of drinking-water, groundwater, recreational and waste solutions.

Our work includes the surveillance and reporting of drinking-water quality, scientific advice on health and environment public policy, research on water quality issues related to drinking water and recreational waters and information systems management.

Our experts also work with other organisations in the Centre for Integrated Biowaste Research (external link) (CIBR) on the sustainable management of the biowaste component among the approximately 3.2 million tonnes of waste sent to landfills in New Zealand each year.

A full list of our testing services can be found here [PDF, 130 KB]