Developmental Evaluation

There is an increasing demand to improve the process and efficiency of innovation in services. Government and non-government organisations recognise that how services are implemented is important to increasing the value customers put on those products, and in containing costs. In the public sector there is an ethical and political requirement to have some assurance that services and other interventions are likely to provide value for money and achieve their intended outcomes.

This service is not a simple programme evaluation, rather based on published literature, developmental evaluation is designed to support service and programme innovation in situations of social complexity or where the object of evaluation is not stable (e.g. programmes that are in an early stage of development, pilot programmes or an intervention in a changeable environment).

Development evaluation provides continuous feedback to the designers and practitioners that will enable on-the-fly adaptation of an intervention or strategy to help it achieve the desired outcomes, thus ensuring that our clients’ resource use is maximised, and their service/product will reach its maximum potential and value.