Briefings and Presentations

Outline of the Project [PDF, 1 MB] (Dr Karen Cronin, Landcare Research)

Coming to the Table [PPT, 2.3 MB] (Presentation to the End Users Workshop, Victoria University of Wellington, 8 December 2008)

Food Governance commentary [PPT, 266 KB] (Dr Dennis Thomas, Food Standards Australia New Zealand)

Future Market trends for Emerging technologies [PPT, 1.9 MB] (Phillipa Gordon, New Zealand Food and Grocery Council)

Governance trends in the fresh produce sector [PPT, 1.2 MB] (Anne-marie Arts, The AgriChain Centre)

International public and consumer responses [PPT, 2.3 MB] (Prof Lynn Frewer, University of Wageningen)

International trends in food governance [PPT, 1.5 MB] (Prof Lynn Frewer, University of Wageningen)

Intragenics and other emerging GM techniques [PPT, 660 KB] (Dr Tony Conner, Plant and Food Research)

Issues Mapping Interviews [PDF, 1.6 MB] (Virgina Baker, ESR)

Maori and Pasifika prespectives [PPT, 17 MB] (Maui Hudson, ESR)

Maori workshop and interviews [PDF, 1.1 MB] (Dr Jessica Hutchings, Te Wahanga)

MBIE briefing - Enhancing impacts from investment in future food technologies [PDF, 2.8 MB] (21 November 2012)

Recent NZ research on consumer and public responses [PPT, 2.8 MB] (Virginia Baker, ESR)

Scoping reports on Emerging Food [PDF, 673 KB] (Dr Nigel Larsen/Dr Julian Heyes, Plant and Food Research)

Social and ethical issues on Nutrigenomics [PPT, 1 MB] (Dr Julian Heyes, Plant and Food Research)

Strategy and evaluation [PDF, 242 KB] (Dr Jeff Foote, ESR)

Successful nutrition science in the global market [PPT, 12 MB] (Julian Mellentin, New Nutrition Business)

Sustainable decision making [PPT, 840 KB] (Nigel Larsen, Plant & Food Research)

Technologies for sustainable agriculture [PDF, 136 KB] (Dr Barbara Nicholas, Consultant to the project)