Future Foods - Coming to the Table

“Coming to the Table – engaging government, science, business and community stakeholders in sustainable decisions on future food technologies to improve New Zealand’s economic and technological development”

On 7 May 2008 FRST announced approval for a 4 year social science research project on ‘future foods’, submitted by Crop and Food Research and with a major role for social scientists in the ESR Integrative Research for Sustainability group. The aim of this research is to investigate social, cultural and consumer responses to a range of emerging future food technologies (particularly but not exclusively in intragenics, nanotechnology and functional foods) in the NZ and international context, and demonstrate how this understanding can be used to support sustainable decision makingfor technology development.

A number of reports have now been produced by the Project Team on trends in future food technologies for sustainable agriculture, international consumer perceptions of new food technologies, New Zealand consumer and social perceptions and Maori views of food production.

This project has now closed but you can access more information in the following pages (please note that some of the links and contacts contained in these resources may now be out of date so for any questions or to access conference papers please contact virginia.baker@esr.cri.nz)

Briefings and Presentations