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Some of the stories behind the ESR science that helps our clients protect people and products

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Facilitating service redesign

In partnership with the Ministry of Health, Addiction Treatment Services, we are supporting Capital and Coast DHB to develop an...

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A ‘whole of system’ measurement approach

There is a high degree of uncertainty about the effectiveness of the Government’s investment in responses to family violence, not least due to the quality of evidence about ‘what works, what doesn’t and why’, but also given there is no one unique, uncontested measure of effectiveness.

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Better Health Services – Whole of Systems Changes

Reorienting health services to address public health threats including an aging population and the growth of chronic diseases is high on the policy agenda of many countries including New Zealand.

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Collaborative community engagement was extensively utilised with Kaikōura District Council and community, which took part in the engagement process and provided well-considered input to produce a range of biosolids reuse solutions appropriate for the Kaikōura community

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Making Services Reachable

How do we enable families/whānau to succeed to ensure that all New Zealand children fulfil their potential?

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Helping reduce New Zealand’s family violence rates

The Glenn Inquiry (TGI) contracted ESR to bring together relevant experience and expertise to develop a model of how to...

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Future Foods - Coming to the Table

Sustainable decisions on future food technologies to improve New Zealand’s economic and technological development

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