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Radiation Safety Training

ESR’s National Centre for Radiation Safety has a dedicated team ready to help you develop your knowledge of radiation safety, meet regulatory requirements and protect employees...

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Non-ionising radiation measurements

ESR offers a range of measurement services across the electromagnetic spectrum.  These services are primarily offered as a means of verifying whether exposures to electromagnetic fields meet...

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Personal Dosimetry Service (PDS)

Monitoring individual exposure to workplace radiation can help ensure that recommended dose limits are not exceeded and protect staff from harm. ESR's Personal Dosimetry Service (PDS) offers...

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Instrument calibrations

The facilities maintained at the ESR in support of the calibration service include: primary and secondary standards of radiation exposure a protection level 137Cs exposure...

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Food export certification

ESR can authenticate levels of radioactivity in foodstuffs for the export market. Certificates are issued for goods that are of 100% New Zealand origin without testing a...

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