Analytical chemistry services

The Pharmaceutical Programme’s analytical chemistry laboratory offers a comprehensive range of validated chemical analyses using pharmacopoeial (BP, EP or USP) or client’s own methods. Our facility meets the strict requirements for analytical chemistry testing under ISO17025 and GMP. Whether your samples are a commercial product requiring routine QC testing, or identification of unknown substances, we are able to offer a variety of tailored solutions:

Physical testing:
  • Appearance
  • Hardness testing of tablets
  • Average weight/uniformity of weight
  • Dimensions
Pharmaceutical specific tests:
  • Disintegration of tablets and capsules
  • Dissolution testing
  • Comparative dissolution profiling
Analytical tests:
  • Assay of active ingredients and excipients (using HPLC, gas chromatography (GC) and mass spectrometry (MS))
  • Thin layer chromatography (TLC)
  • UV/visible spectrometry
  • pH
  • HPLC (related substances, assay, identification)
  • Specific gravity
  • Loss on drying 
Western Medicine Screens

We provide a Western Medicine Screening service to identify whether a client’s product contains a substance regulated under New Zealand law (such as scheduled medicines and other drugs), have been adulterated with unknown substances, or are counterfeit medicines.

Common investigations with this service include herbal products adulterated with erectile dysfunction or weight loss prescription medicines, or screening of body building supplements for anabolic steroids.

Product development services

The Pharmaceutical Programme is able to provide testing services during product development to assist clients in bringing quality products to market. These include:

  • Formulation studies
  • Developing and validating new analytical methodologies
  • Method transfer
  • Validation of client methods (including validation protocols)
  • Quality contol testing throughout manufacturing development and 'upscaling' activities.