Key Sectors

New Zealand Government

The Pharmaceutical Programme provides testing services to a range of government departments and agencies, mostly to support their on-going regulatory activities.

We are the sole provider of medicine testing services to the Ministry of Health's medicines regulatry agency Medsafe (external link)  as part of their role in the continuous monitoring of the safety of medicines on the New Zealand market. We provide services to Medsafe that include the testing of therapeutic products against international pharmacopoeial (BP, EP or USP) requirements, the screening and testing of counterfeit medicines and products suspected of containing undeclared medicines, and provide advice and technical training.

Pharmaceutical industry

We provide a range of services to  the New Zealand and international pharmaceutical sector.

Natural health products, herbal products and complementary medicines 

The Pharmaceutical Programme has expertise with developing and testing natural health and herbal products. Our services also extend to regulatory advisory functions and can assist product importers or manufcatures with fulfilling the requirements proposed under the Natural Health Products Bill currently before parliament.

Cosmetic industry

We can assist importers and manufacturers with compliance with the requirements of the Cosmetic Products Group Standard 2006 administered by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Other sectors

We offer services to a range of other sectors including biotechnology companies, clinical trial organisations, active ingredients manufacturing, import and export companies and tertiary education organisations.