Pharmaceutical Programme

The pharmaceutical team has extensive experience in the analysis of medicines, and other therapeutic products, using a comprehensive range of methods and testing approaches. 

We are a key player providing testing services to a wide range of sectors, both in New Zealand and internationally. We have many years of experience working to regulatory requirements.

We provide independent contract testing and analytical services from our specialised analytical chemistry and microbiological laboratories based at ESR’s Kenepuru Science Centre in Wellington.

We perform analysis for local manufacturers and importers, and can test raw materials (active ingredients), finished products, natural health products (including herbal and complementary medicines), medical devices and cosmetics.

Our secure dedicated Stability Facility is one of the very few GMP certified facilities available in Australasia. We are able to offer storage of products for the determination of expiry date, based on ICH guidelines (external link) , within temperature and humidity controlled chambers.

Using our Western Medicine Screening services we are able to identify whether products contain substances regulated under New Zealand law (such as scheduled medicines and other drugs) or have been adulterated with unknown substances.

The quality of our work is assured through full accreditation to NZS IS0/IEC 17025:2005 and GMP certification, to ensure we are compliant with international standards, and as part of maintaining our reputation for delivering high-end quality services.

The Pharmaceutical Programme is the primary provider of therapeutic product testing for the Ministry of Health’s medicines regulatory agency Medsafe (external link) .