Our impacts

ESR works with our customers and partners across a wide range of sectors and many different areas of science. This is how our expertise benefits the community:


People don’t get sick as often or as bad because we understand more about how diseases behave and get better at tackling them.

Good decisions about protecting us are made by the people who look after our health because they have the information and insight they need.

More crime is solved and there is less impact on victims because Police and lawyers have strong and independent forensic evidence that can be relied on in court.

Illegal drugs are stopped from reaching our communities because we get better at stopping criminals making them or bringing them into the country.

The food that we produce, eat and export overseas is safe because we know how to stop harmful things from getting into it.

We have safe water to use, play in and drink because the people who look after our communities know how to get better at keeping them clean and free of anything that can harm them.