Peter Macadam

Business Development Manager

Pete M

With a proven track record in international sales and marketing, Business Development Manager Peter Macadam brings an exceptional understanding of the commercial opportunities available to ESR.

Before coming to ESR in September 2015, Peter was the International Sales and Marketing Manager for Westland Milk Products. Prior to that he had held senior manager roles for a number of dairy and food companies in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States.

While his professional background is in business development, he also has a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Rhodes University, South Africa, along with a Bachelor of Administration from the University of South Africa.

“One of the reasons I was interested in taking on this new challenge is because of the science ESR is involved in,” Peter says.

He says that ESR already has strong relationships with many of its customers and has successfully commercialised a number of products. The focus on business development, however, offers a different lens to look at ESR’s work, and then connect it with appropriate business opportunities.

“Science for the public good is at the centre of everything we do at ESR. Within the business development team we are looking for ways ESR can better align our services with our customers’ needs. Ultimately, that means better outcomes for New Zealanders.”

He says the newly established business development team is also looking for additional sustainable opportunities to commercialise some of ESR’s products and services.

“Our scientists are involved in cutting-edge work in areas such as forensic, health, water and food safety. Where appropriate, taking the next step and commercialising some of our products and services for global markets has the potential to generate further revenue that can then be invested back into our science.”   

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