Dr André Pinkert

Business Development Manager

Andre Pinkert

Aiming to be an enabler for science, Dr André Pinkert complements the Business Development team with his scientific expertise. He deliberately chose a career path that would allow him to understand and work across both disciplines science and business.

"I strongly believe that our path to a prosperous future is dependent on well executed science.

“Instead of relying on external funding, I envision a culture where science funds itself through smart commercialisation activities. My role is to make the latter happen." says André.

Born and educated in Germany, he studied Chemistry and subsequently obtained a PhD in Chemical Engineering.

Conducting research both in New Zealand and overseas, André's scientific journey covers a diverse range of topics, including marine natural products and their use in cancer therapy, computer-modeling nuclear power plant accidents to improve reactor safety and research into biomass processing to alleviate crude oil dependency.

Some of his international accolades include publishing a well-cited article (+600 citations and +40 impact factor), being invited as a guest speaker to conferences, as well as receiving a fellowship that would enable him to present lecturers at Universities in Beijing and Guangzhou.

André's commercial interests are strategic planning, pricing, process improvements, commercial leadership, intellectual property and international business development.

"That's where I can have the greatest impact on achieving my vision", he says.

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