SHIVERS serosurvey

2015 saw the introduction of a new study component, the SHIVERS serosurvey, to help us understand the immunity or protection people in the community have against influenza. This study will help us find out if participants:

  • developed immunity to flu by the end of the winter

  • had flu during the winter, and

  • contribute to understanding about flu infection in the community

About the study

This study took place between February and November 2015 and involved about 1500 participants, both adults and children (aged 0-15 years), randomly selected from participating general practices in Auckland.

Participants first completed a short health questionnaire over the phone and had a blood sample taken before the winter flu season. During winter, from May to September, researchers maintained regular weekly contact with participants to see if they had cold or flu symptoms. For participants meeting the ILI case definition and who hadn't visited a GP, a nose or throat swab was taken where possible to test for viruses or bacteria that cause the flu, colds or sore throats. At the end of the winter season a longer questionnaire was administered and a second blood sample was collected.

Study participants

If you are a study participant and have any queries or concerns about the study, or wish to contact the research team, please contact us at, or call on 09 923 4769.