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About the project

SHIVERS is an international, multi-disciplinary and multi-agency collaboration to evaluate influenza disease burden, epidemiology, aetiology, risk factors and immunology, as well as measuring the effectiveness of prevention strategies such as influenza vaccination.

The project has established two enhanced population-based surveillance systems (one hospital based and one community based) covering 838,000 residents in the Auckland District Health Board (ADHB) and Counties Manukau District Health Board (CMDHB) regions.

It is expected that the results of the study will have global significance and impact on the way influenza is managed in the future.

SHIVERS Objectives

1. To understand severe acute respiratory infections.

2. To assess influenza vaccine effectiveness.

SHIVERS also aims to:

  • investigate interaction between influenza and other respiratory pathogens
  • ascertain the causes of respiratory mortality
  • understand non-severe respiratory illness
  • estimate the annual risk of seasonal influenza infection through serology
  • identify influenza risk factors
  • study immune response to influenza
  • determine economic burden of influenza.

Funding: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Grant No: 5U01IP000480