Training and skill development

ESR’s Human Biosecurity programme provides training and development of personnel to enhance New Zealand’s ability to investigate and respond to infectious disease events.

The programme is relevant for those working in New Zealand’s public health workforce, and includes:

  • Specialist training workshops and seminars.
  • Access to high tech equipment and facilities.
  • Knowledge transfer – access to unique skills and capabilities in partnering agencies.
  • ‘Train the trainer’ modules for health practitioners to share knowledge in their own workplace.
  • Annual symposia.

Course overviews

Effective Case Investigation Course Outline [PDF, 284 KB]

A foundation for good practice and the consistent investigation of apparently isolated cases of disease and an understanding of how these investigations contribute to New Zealand’s surveillance and outbreak investigation systems.

Outbreak Investigation Refresher Course Outline [PDF, 41 KB]

An introduction (or refresher) to outbreak investigation, through a facilitated table-top case study and the processes involved in the epidemiological investigation of a common source outbreak.

EpiSurv Course Overview [PDF, 220 KB]

A foundation for good practice in managing data and information associated with the investigation of notifiable disease using EpiSurv, the national notifiable disease surveillance system.

Outbreak Investigation and Control Course Outline [PDF, 62 KB]

A course to strengthen the ability to investigate and control outbreaks of disease including surveillance, outbreak investigation, analysis, reporting and prevention and control.

Introduction to EpiInfo [PDF, 230 KB]

An introduction to how EpiInfo 7 can be used to carry out the epidemiological analysis component of an outbreak investigation, through creating and analysing a questionnaire for a simple common source outbreak.

Laboratory Investigation Course Overview [PDF, 250 KB]

A course to build capacity of field disease investigators to manage the laboratory aspects of outbreak investigations.

Advanced Outbreak Investigation Course Outline [PDF, 236 KB]

A course to enhance the ability of participants to take a lead role in significant, more complex local outbreak investigations, and support national outbreak investigations.

Teaching Methods Course Outline [PDF, 236 KB]

An introduction for facilitators and presenters to the active learning approach underpinning the ESR NCBID Epidemiological Skills Development Programme, to support them to incorporate effective active learning techniques into their teaching.

Application form

Please complete the Application Form [DOCX, 48 KB] if you would like to register your interest in one of the courses on offer.

For more information

Contact Debbie Smith:  or +64 3 3786 780