Physical evidence

Our scientists can analyse substances such as glass, paint, fire debris and fibres which can provide crucial evidence in a case.

This kind of non-biological evidence can provide vital links between the victim, suspect and crime scene. We provide specialised investigation services in forensic examination and analysis to private investigators, members of the public, lawyers and companies.

Glass fragments

Our specialised science techniques can help identify the possible source of glass particles. Using microscopic techniques for precise measurement of the refractive index of the smallest glass particles, our analysts can determine the origin of very tiny glass fragments and the techniques used can easily be extended to measurement of refractive index of almost any translucent or transparent microscopic particles.

Fibre analysis and comparisons

Our scientists apply specialised techniques to collect and identify transferred fibres, and compare them with suspected donor garments. Fibres can provide strong evidence of physical contact between persons in a wide variety of cases. ESR's experts can determine the thickness, colour, cross-sectional shape, optical properties and chemical composition of a single fibre.


We offer a wide range of optical, instrumental and chemical techniques for the identification of trace evidence and possible source comparisons including glass, natural fibres, paint fragments, plaster, polymers and textile fibres.

Serial number restoration

Our specialists use sophisticated technology to restore the original serial numbers on car chassis, motorcycle frames, engine blocks and most metal surfaces.

Fire debris analysis

Our instrumental analysis of fire debris can detect hydrocarbon fuels (such as petrol, diesel) and solvents (such as methylated spirits, acetone). The analysis is extremely sensitive, detecting in the parts per million range and can help fire investigators determine whether an accelerant was used to start a fire.

Vehicle investigation

We provide specialist consulting services relating to stolen vehicles, or vehicles involved in criminal matters. Our expertise covers the identification of vehicle occupants, number restorations, paint comparisons and physical (parts) comparisons.