Protecting meat exports


The 2014 Red Meat Sector Conference marked the launch of a state of the art natural biocontrol treatment for shiga-toxigenic E. coli O157 (STEC O157) developed by ESR, in close association with the Meat Industry Association (MIA).

STECleanz® contains a mixture of naturally occurring bacteria-specific viruses (phages) that attack and destroy harmful STEC O157 bacteria that can affect human health and cause meat exports to be rejected. 

The solution is sprayed directly on the hide prior to processing, requires no heat, is very specific in that it only targets the harmful STEC O157 bacteria and then naturally biodegrades.

ESR’s senior scientist Dr Craig Billington says because STECleanz® intervenes at the source, it can be a powerful tool to combat STEC O157 on beef and veal.

“There can’t be any traces of STEC O157 if you want to export to major markets such as the US, Canada or China so strong intervention strategies are vital.

“STECleanz® harnesses the power of nature to combat harmful bacteria without affecting the quality of your final product,” Craig says.

MIA’s Richard McColl says field trials showed a highly effective reduction rate.

“Many of our members are already employing STECleanz®.

“This is a real game changer and will protect millions of dollars of investment,” Richard says.

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