Testing and analysis

ESR has the expertise and experience to help clients across a number of areas including: allergen testing,  testing  for the botulism causing agent  Clostridium botulinum, ensuring products are free of contaminating materials, investigating viral contamination, validating that products have distinctive health attributes and supporting New Zealand’s meat export market.

ESR also offers a commercial analysis for the detection and identification of enteric viruses in environmental and food samples. [PDF, 2.3 MB]Samples that can be analysed include shellfish, sewage, biosolids and environmental waters. Staff can provide advice on noroviruses and other enteric viruses, recovery and quantiation methods, use of viruses for faecal source tracking, identification of viruses from environmental and food samples, effectiveness of virucidals and advice on general environmental and food virology topics.

Tests offered include:

  • Recovery of enteric viruses from shellfish, water, wastewater, greywater, biosolids, foods (eg fresh fruits and salad greens)
  • Detection and quantitation of norovirus (IANZ accredited method) and hepatitis A virus in shellfish
  • PCR-based assays for detection of enteric viruses including norovirus, adenoviruses, enteroviruses, hepatitis A virus, hepatitis E virus and rotavirus in environmental samples 
  • F-RNA bacteriophage genotyping
  • Cell culture based assays for the detection and quantitation of culturable (infectious) enteroviruses and adenoviruses

A full list of our testing services can be found here [PDF, 130 KB]

Our test forms can be found here