Food Science

Knowing precisely what is or isn’t in our food, and knowing it is safe to eat, is crucial to having trust and confidence in the supply chain. 

This applies to our day-to-day purchases and New Zealand’s multi-billion dollar food export industry.

ESR’s expertise, relationships and track record stretches across every food production sector in New Zealand. No one else in the country undertakes a broader range of research and investigation in food safety than us. Our expertise spans bacterial, viral, chemical, physical and radiological hazards in food.

This enables us to provide assurance to clients for their food products and reputations in New Zealand and around the world.

Not only do we employ the largest group of food and health microbiologists in New Zealand, we have extensive national and international collaborative networks, meaning if we can’t find the answer straight away we know where to get it.

Our expertise and access to a suite of International Gold Standard tests can help find out how, where and when food contamination happened as well as identifying the type of contaminant and its source.

Our Green Channel™ food testing services provide New Zealand food exporters into China with assurance that their products meet the quality and safety requirements of the Chinese authorities.

We can also supply the advice that backs up existing processes or that can help prevent any future issues.

If you’re asking . . .

What exactly is that foreign object in our product and where did it come from?

Does the product we imported/produced actually contain the active ingredients claimed on the label?

What could have caused the off taint or suspicious flavour of the food product?

Which microbes have caused this foodborne illness?

Does ESR do the test I need done? [PDF, 93 KB]

How do I submit a sample?

Can I reassure my customers that my foodstuffs are radiation free and get an export certificate?

What testing do you do to help the meat industry access international markets?

…We're here to help you.